The State Democratic Party has said that our Waushara Democratic Party

is the fastest growing in the State of Wisconsin! 

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There are many ways that together, we can make our voice heard.  You'll feel great to be part of the democratic process in this great nation. 

  • Come to our meetings.
  • Get on email list serve for important updates,  wausharadems@yahoo.com
  • Help out our Candidates (go to 'Our Candidate' page of this site and follow the link to their website). 
  • If you want to really have some fun, why not help build the parade float and join us on those fun filled events though out the county.  Just use the contact email link and let us know that you'll help out, we'll be in touch.

Proudly participating in the democratic process of this great Nation

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Located in the beautiful central

sand counties of Wisconsin! 

Take Bob's advice to "get your feet wet".  To get on our mailing list for updates on local political happenings & meetings, just email:       
      WausharaDems@yahoo.com or go to our contact page.